Insurance Defense

Schumann Arevalo LLP has been recognized and entrusted as Major Case Panel Counsel by top insurance companies and their insureds for its skillful and sophisticated defense of their highest exposure and most complex matters.Learn More >>

Business & Civil Litigation

Schumann Arevalo LLP is an experienced and aggressive team of litigators will assist in determining goals, minimizing exposure and risk and helping guide you towards efficient resolution of Civil Litigation claims in your best interest.Learn More >>

Commercial Collections

Schumann Arevalo LLP has a seasoned litigation team that will fight to protect your business and achieve the most favorable results possible.Learn More >>

Appellate & Law and Motion Practice

Schumann Arevalo LLP is dedicated to Early Case Evaluation, Aggressive Handling and Efficient Resolution of Matters in the Best Interest of Its Clients.Learn More >>

Medicare Set Aside Practice

Schumann Arevalo LLPclients think of us not only as counsel but as friends; individuals always available to lend fresh perspective to an issue and to provide thoughtful advice.Learn More >>


For over 20 years Schumann Arevalo LLP has skillfully met its clients' needs for thoughtful and strategic litigation services. Schumann Arevalo LLP is a full-service law firm that has provided its valued clients with award winning, sophisticated and individualized service while meeting their varied litigation requirements. Schumann Arevalo LLP has an experienced team to serve you and is dedicated to the goals of personal, hands-on and focused representation of your complex litigation matters. LEARN MORE>> 


alt tag Schumann Arevalo LLP wins Summary Judgment in maritime wrongful death litigation.

alt tag  Schumann Arevalo LLP obtains published Appellate Decision on the issue of privilege log.

alt tag  Schumann Arevalo LLP obtains Summary Judgment in a complex premises liability matter.