Appellate Practice

Appellate and Law and Motion Practice

Partner Jeff Cunningham runs the Appellate and Law and Motion Department at Schumann Arevalo LLP. His work in this regard has spanned more than twenty years in both the State and Federal Courts of Appeal. During this time, he has focused on the analysis of complex legal issues on many different topics and areas of law. He has filed and argued approximately one-hundred Writs and Appeals challenging a lower Court’s decision on a wide variety of issues; often times unique and/or issues of first-impression. His expertise and knowledge of the law, coupled with his exceptional legal research, analytical and writing skills, are integral to the preparation of written and oral argument at the Appellate and Trial Court level. Mr. Cunningham’s high success rate is attributable to his ability to grasp complicated legal issues and construct arguments that are concise, on-point and understandable.

If you would like to discuss appealing or challenging a decision and/or judgment that has been rendered by either a State of Federal Court Judge or Jury, or any complex law and motion in the Trial Court level, Mr. Cunningham can be contacted at (714) 850-0210.

Appellate and Law and Motion Practice


Jeffrey P. Cunningham