Our Firm

Schumann Arevalo LLP was founded by Kim Schumann. They sought to form a law firm that was a viable and meaningful alternative to the large scale firms about which so many of their clients and friends complained. The goal was to build a firm that could provide the resources and aggressive handling of a large scale law firm while retaining the personal and hands-on approach to litigation more characteristic of smaller firms. As the Firm has grown over the last two decades, it has not lost its commitment to providing the highest quality in legal representation, early case evaluation, and resolution of matters in the best interest. 

Proven Results

The results have exceeded even the Partners' lofty expectations. Schumann Arevalo LLP has become known in the legal community for its aggressive yet fair-minded handling of complex, big-scale litigation as well as for its attention to detail and excellent results. Our clients think of us not only as counsel but as friends; individuals always available to lend fresh perspective to an issue and to provide thoughtful advice. Our clients are all part of the Schumann Arevalo LLP family – whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a small business or an individual client. We take pride in the fact that so many of our clients come to us by way of kind referrals from other clients.

Offices Serving All of California and Washington

Schumann Arevalo LLP has offices throughout California and Washington and handles cases. If your litigation needs arise in any part of California or Washington, Schumann Arevalo LLP is available to service them.

In addition, the Firm accepts assignments in other jurisdictions on a pro-hoc vice basis as special circumstances may require.