Real Estate Litigation

Schumann Arevalo LLP represents real estate developers, investors, lenders, builders, contractors, homeowners and other clients throughout California. We specialize in all areas of real estate litigation including boundary and easement disputes, purchase and sales disputes, real estate fraud, title disputes, title insurance and escrow issues, landlord-tenant disputes, adverse possession, broker malpractice, failure to disclose, option agreements, subdivision issues, common interest associations, and other real estate matters.

Litigation Alternatives

Litigating a real estate dispute is usually time consuming and costly, and often comes at the expense of losing resources or devaluing the property. It is essential for a property dispute to be resolved quickly so that operations can continue without much interruption and the property’s nature and value be preserved. Our goal is to always attempt resolution through negotiation and settlement and the attorneys at Schumann Arevalo LLP have extensive experience in mediation and arbitration. We emphasize efficient cost-effective resolution that is designed to protect your economic interest. However, when a dispute cannot be settled out-of-court, our litigation team is prepared to fight to win.